Pugmarks, Inc.

Pugmarks was founded in 1996. Since then it has emerged as a niche managed hosting, infrastructure management and server management company.

Pugmarks specializes in managing servers and core IT infrastructure for small and medium sized organizations. We provide security, server administration and disaster prevention which facilitates management of Intranets, Online Customer Support solutions, Web-based and regular Email messaging solutions, and business-critical IT infrastructure. The company provides a wide range of web services to more than 2000 clients including Corporate, B2B portals, Government organizations, Online Media and individual entities.

Pugmarks offers sophisticated system, network management and solutions that include hosting / co-locating of web servers, application servers, database server and e-mail servers in stand-alone or multi-tiered or clustered architecture basis.

Our focus is on understanding the diverse and mission-critical needs of each of our clients. To understand is to be able to deliver. In essence, we make the net 'work' for you.
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