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Beginnings in Managed Services, Cloud and Dedicated Hosting
Since 2004, Layered Tech has been redefining what can and should be expected from a managed services provider. Opening our doors with a range of hosting hardware and software options, Layered Tech saw rapid growth in our first years of operation. Anticipating the industry impacts soon to emerge from virtualization, in 2006 we introduced our innovative cloud hosting and virtualization solution portfolio. With this approach, Layered Tech clients were able to utilize server resources to an extent never before thought possible.

In 2008, Layered Tech purchased, adding a calibrated range of managed dedicated hosting solutions and integrating's consultative expertise in solution development and support.

Security and Compliance Expertise - PCI DSS and FISMA Compliant Hosting
Two years later, in 2010, we acquired PCI-DSS compliant hosting and managed services leader GreenSoft Solutions, Inc. This investment catapulted Layered Tech firmly into a managed hosting leadership position by further expanding our data security expertise. Adding coveted security and compliant managed services capabilities has allowed us to expertly address clients' challenges with industry and/or regulatory data security validation – an issue becoming increasingly critical in the face of today's sophisticated data security threats.

In 2012, Layered Tech made yet another strategic move, with the acquisition of New World Apps, which specializes in FISMA-compliant private cloud solutions for federal, state and local governments. This gave us an immediate and meaningful presence in the federal and public-sector markets, which complements our compliant hosting leadership position in the financial payment card industry, healthcare and SaaS markets.

Forward-Looking Secure and Compliant Cloud Services With the launch of our next-generation e-Business Cloud services in 2012, we continue to lead the market by creating a high-performance, secure and compliant Cloud Data Center that provides clients with both data assurance and a competitive advantage.
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