With its remarkable price policy and the comprehensive product range, which includes dedicated servers as well as virtually dedicated servers, the discount brand SERVER4YOU truly co-determines the web hosting market. That is because in spite of the low prices, the customers neither have to do without professional support nor without first-class technology or a perfect connection. SERVER4YOU was the first brand to introduce virtually dedicated servers on the German market and is also established internationally by now. The SERVER4YOU offers are mainly addressed to private and smaller business customers.

SERVER4YOU is a subsidiary of PlusServer AG and services approx. 65,000 customers, who own about 380,000 domains altogether. The company has over 100 employees. Next to the two state-of-the-art data centers in Europe and the US, the company runs its own Gigabit backbone and has established direct high speed connections to the most important providers (Deutsche Telekom, Level 3, Global Crossings, etc.) and IXPs, e.g. the DE-CIX in Frankfurt.

Important milestones of SERVER4YOU:
With its first vSERVER offers at the end of 2002, SERVER4YOU baffled the professional world. The virtually dedicated servers by means of software have been looked at sceptically at first, but due to their fair prices and the good performance, there has been a rising demand ever since. The vSERVERs even developed into a powerful alternative to dedicated servers in the course of time.

In December 2003, the first shared hosting offer from SERVER4YOU was launched by the name of RACER in Germany. With this product, the company provides easy to manage and versatile web services for beginners and semi-professional users, who want a sophisticated but uncomplicated platform for their online activities.
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