Ultraspeed's Managed Cloud platform is at the heart of all Ultraspeed's products and has been designed by Ultraspeed engineers according to the principles outlined below.

Redundancy is all about ensuring that no single vulnerability can bring down a system. Data and power flow are protected by redundant switches carefully deployed so if one should fail, the power/data will have another route available. Servers have no hard disk, meaning another potential point-of-failure is removed.

Virtualisation technologies enable smarter storage, security and scalability. Ultraspeed uses technology made by VMware (and are a VMware Partner), recognised market-leaders who work with every one of the companies on the Fortune 100 list.

Scalability is about planning according to peak requirements. When clients need to scale up or down Ultraspeed advise how to react swiftly to sudden demand, and how to plan proactively for demand in the future.

Security is all about regulating physical access to the server, and protecting data on the network. The servers in the data centres are accessed via two checkpoints, and flow-aware firewalls and inspection engines monitor and regulate traffic, as part of Ultraspeed's UltraSecure service. Ultraspeed can also advise on how to set up a secure environment for your own clients and employees to log-into, giving an extra level of authentication.

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