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The company, based in Brisbane, provides a full suite of web services with a specific focus on Cloud Computing services and provision of Infrastructure-as-a-Service facilities. It was also the first Australian-based cloud computing provider to offer a full suite of public and virtual private cloud computing options specifically for the small to medium business sector.

At Fluccs we see our clients and their satisfaction as being the primary purpose for our existence. To us, that means having the latest security measures in place on our servers, a continuous, proactive upgrade programme for our infrastructure and personalised support from full time professionals.

The sales and support staff you will have contact with at Fluccs have an average of 7 years experience in the managed hosting field, and provide a level of knowledge that is unsurpassed in the industry. With over 20 years experience providing hosted services to the Australian market we have a unique understanding of your needs and how to best serve them, because our knowledge and experience have developed as we have evolved, in sync with the evolution of the web hosting industry.

Fluccs was formed in April 2011 and consolidates the following previously separate companies and brands: Web Hosts Australia, Dedicated Servers Australia and ALBA Internet Solutions. Our history goes back to 1997 and the formation of ALBA Internet Solutions, a web design business which was followed in 2001 by Web Hosts Australia and in turn by Dedicated Servers Australia. In 2018 we also took over the management of Domain Central and are now an accredited Domain Registrar

As one of the longest standing Web services providers in Australia , we are uniquely placed to continue the evolution to the provision of Cloud services

Why the name 'Fluccs'?

A cloud computing service has to be able to scale up and down on demand in order to meet the changing needs of the client. It has to be in a permanent state of 'fluccs' (or more conventionally 'flux').

Tanith Gregory
General Manager

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