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If you love cPanel, you are in good company. More webmasters, developers and system administrators now prefer cPanel than all other hosting control panels combined. Just about everyone has joined the cPanel bandwagon, and Acenet has used cPanel exclusively from its beginning.

But Acenet's experience with cPanel (and exclusively cPanel!) is only part of why so many insist on using cPanel installed on Acenet servers...

It's no secret that software, including cPanel, runs better on better hardware. That's why sophisticated cPanel followers flock to Acenet -- Acenet offers the most hardware for your money. You will get more processing power, more memory, and more storage throughput at Acenet, per dollar, than anywhere else.

To get the most out of Cpanel hosting, starting with the best server hardware is a must. Some hosts will hide behind "proprietary infrastructure" and won't let you know what kind of server you'll be on. Maybe they do have some special blend or maybe they just want to throw you on a cheap, old server.

Demand to know what hardware your site will be hosted on.

From shared accounts to virtual servers and even dedicated server offerings, Acenet uses only the best hardware. All virtual and shared servers utilize Enterprise SSD drives for high speed and reliability. The SSD drive in your laptop doesn't belong in a server, but some hosts use cheaper SSD drives. Speeds aren't as fast and the drives will fail sooner due to the extra stress hosting puts on them. Besides drives, enough RAM is the key to a great server. Acenet figured out the ideal amount of RAM for our shared servers, then DOUBLED it.

The right server for your website will mitigate most potential problems. Cpanel and their great documentation can also provide quick solutions to many other issues regardless of hosting choice. Even with a superior server and the power of Google, you'll still need to use your hosting support. Just like the server, you'll want fast, efficient and reliable support. Nothing worse than sitting on hold or waiting on a response to a support ticket, email or chat. It's no fun being in limbo.

Demand fast support that fits your needs.

After years of trying to provide as many support channels as possible (phone, email, chat, helpdesk), Acenet made a bold move to exclusively using a helpdesk system for support. This isn't right for everyone, but our data shows that issues are resolved faster and more accurately through our helpdesk. Instead of interfacing with just one person, having to verify your identity or waiting on hold, your issue quickly gets in front of multiple eyes, but also still gets personalized attention. This also allows for fast response times, so you aren't stuck with that limbo feeling.

Streamlined support also allows for more of your hosting dollars to go straight into the best hardware; the biggest difference maker.

Whether a shared, virtual or dedicated solution is right for your site, choosing a host can be a daunting task. Cheap options are on every corner. Fast food is quick and easy, but long term you pay the price. Your site deserves better. Not having to worry about how your site is performing is worth paying a little more. Choose a good host and go back to enjoying life!
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