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Infrastructure, Automation & Service

SingleHop's platform combines strategically located data centers, advanced proprietary automation, an open and accessible API with on-demand dedicated servers, cloud hosting and IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure, Evolved.

SingleHop offers a truly hybrid environment. Your solutions can be designed and deployed using dedicated servers, cloud computing instances and even private cloud building blocks, working together for optimized and efficient performance.

Pervasive Automation.

When you click the deploy button in LEAP, hundreds of systems start working in the background. The inventory is automatically identified, its integrity checked and its operating system installed. It's updated and it's network is configured. Then, once it's all ready, we send it to you. Start-to-finish time is under 40 minutes for physical servers and under 15 for virtual devices.

Experience and Scale.

SingleHop manages 10,000+ servers in 3 data centers around the United States. We have over 100 talented employees. Combined, our Senior System Administration team has over 100 years of Linux administration experience. This translates into the best service platform in the industry.

Flexibility is #1.

Our platform is powerful because it is flexible. Customize your hardware, software and services. Top it off with the ability to rapidly and easily do it from your cell phone, anywhere in the world. Our flexibility is core to everything we do... It's one of the main reasons people choose to work with us. Don't like long term contracts? That's fine. Need custom hardware? No problem.

No one would care about our platform if we didn't back it up with world-class service. SingleHop is the only provider to offer a Customer Bill of Rights--which goes above and beyond a standard Service Level Agreement by specifically outlining exactly what to expect and automatically issuing pre-defined compensation in the event of a missed SLA point.

100% Reliability, Guaranteed.

Not 99.95%. Not 99.999%. Not even 99.9999999%. We guarantee perfect network and power uptime, every day, all day. We spend our time and money thinking of ways to deliver this. For example, our Elk Grove Village data center has 36 backup generators. That's backups for the backups.

High End Equipment.

If we put it in our data center, it has to be the best. That's why our network is powered by 100% Cisco hardware. That's why our servers are exclusively manufactured by SuperMicro. By choosing our vendors wisely, we keep our costs down in the long run. And that helps us provide better service and better reliability to you.

No Call Centers. No Outsourcing.

This one is simple. When you need help from SingleHop, you will talk to someone from SingleHop. We will never route your call overseas. We will never even route it to a call center here in Chicago. That means that next time you call for support, the tech you're talking to is literally 10 feet away from your server, and that's how we like it.

Customer Bill of Rights.

All of our competitors have SLA clauses in their contracts. These terms are supposed to protect customers against poor service. In reality, they are just used to close deals, and quickly forgotten, buried deep in a legal contract. If something happens, the provider hopes the customer doesn't find the SLA clause. And if they do, the procedure for getting a credit is often painful. At SingleHop, we stay honest by empowering you, our customer, with an automatic, real-time Report Card, that you can access anytime. If we miss a beat, you can push a button, and we'll automatically issue a credit the next day. No catches. No tricks. A guarantee you can understand and count on. Simple as that.

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