ODS Joint Stock Company

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ODS J.S.C is one of DataCenters which is invested methodically with the expectation to provide a system of perfect server services: Dedicated Servers, Co-location Servers, Server Managed services, Leaseline services, MPLS/VPN, FTTH, backup data services (backup data), License software, Private Cloud Solutions, etc.

The main site of Datacenter is located at it own building: No 54, C1 Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, is invested methodically and scalably in the city center, always provides the best quality services to customers.

Features of ODS Center:
1. Power system and sources:
* Electric grid: 02 three-phase power sources fewer than 2 different routes. Three-phase power source to Data-center is preferential power source.

* Backup power:
o Backup generator system of Standard N+1, always ensures to provide enough power in case of electric failure.
o Automatic Transfer System (ATS): After 10 seconds from power cut-off event, power will be supplied stably by generators. (UPS can remain servers working within 30-60 minutes in case of electric failure).
* UPS:
o Online UPS is ready to maintain whole system in minimum 60 minutes (Systems of servers, cooling units, equipments...)
o 2 PDU lines to Rack cabinet cost.

2. Cooling system and temperature control system:

* Cooling system:
o The machine regulates temperature and control exactly humidity. Temperature is maintained at 20 degree C (+ or - 1 degree C ). Humidity is maintained at 50 percent (+ or - 5 percent).
* Fire alarm system:
o detect heat and smoke soon.
o The system automatically warns areas of server rooms, operation rooms and technical rooms.
o Heat and fire detection time is about 30-60 seconds.
* Lightning system and water anti-leakage system:
o Lightning system meets Standard IEEE 1100-1999.
o Cable detecting water leakage is laid under lifting floor, along air conditioning system with leakage control system and warning system to operation room.

3. Security control system:
* Entry and exit control system with 02 fingerprint layers. Staff of customers and staff of Datacenter are registering access fingerprints in advance.
* Guard to protect security on duty 24/7 and control door system 24/7.
* Supervision cameras (CCTV) 24/24, can supervise all activities of Datacenter from remote.
* System of movement identification and recording of all operations appearing in Datacenter.

4. Customer services system: -Support 24/24 via IP Phone:
* In addition, each customer is supplied at least 01 IP phone account to easily contact technique.
* Self-control power source, reboot, shutdown servers via SMS and Web.

We make a distinction ODS always strives continuous improvement, improves service quality and customer support. Our service system is operated by experienced technical staff, support staff who are always enthusiastic to answer questions for customers.
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    No 54, C1 Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District
    Ho Chi Minh City