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If fast website loading speed, security from malware, bots, and hackers, and great customer service are important to you, then you've found us-- TVC.Net

What makes TVCNet different?
TVCNet was the first shared hosting company in the world advertising less then $5 a month SSD (Solid State Drive) shared hosting services (in 2012). SSD hosting provides some of the fastest load times for websites, exceeding the speed of most 100x more costly enterprise grade dedicated servers prior to 2010.

TVCNet was the first shared hosting company to provide free daily malware scanning (in 2009). Our goal is to ensure our customers are immediately notified if their websites are hacked. We inspect every file for malicious content or malware and notify site owners same day if we spot anything suspicious.

TVCNet was the first PCI security compliant shared hosting company (in 2003). As one of the few web hosts in the world today who offers free PCI compliance with all shared server hosting, we will do our best to ensure our customer's websites meet and pass any standard PCI compliance testing.

Innovation, Website Security and Customer Service— It's What We Do. And our customers have noticed, helping us build one of the longest "verifiable" customer service testimonials web pages in the world.

Service expectations?
- Our average support response time is less than 15 minutes.
- For client's requesting we recover their WordPress blog from backup, our recovery time from request to completion averages less than 20 minutes.

If you are intrigued as to how a web host can offer such incredible service at such low rates please call me anytime.

Best Wishes,
Jim Walker, TVCNet
(619) 479-6637
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