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Host Color (DBA: Host Color,, Host Color Europe, HCE) is a global provider of Cloud Computing and Managed IT Hosting services since 2000. The brand was originally established in Europe. Host Color LLC has been established in the United States in August 2003. Since then it is a profitable company, based out of South Bend, Indiana, which now runs a number of successful web hosting brands.

Data Center
Host Color's core infrastructure is hosted in a high-class data based out of South Bend, IN (90 miles from Chicago). It is strategically located in the Midwestern United States to ensure lowest possible latency to any point in North America. In this site we operate a fully-redundant and concurrently maintainable IT infrastructure (including all capacity components) which theoretically guarantees 99.995% availability. Host Color uses multiple, independent distribution paths to its IT infrastructure. All equipment - Juniper routers, EX switches, Cloud Infrastructure, VPS systems and Dedicated servers - is dual-powered.

Fully-Redundant Network operates an Autonomy System (ASN 46873) and own Internet Protocol (IP) based fully-redundant, high quality network through Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, US Signal, etc. Host Color's network is one of the most connected in Midwestern U.S., providing 100% network uptime, SLA guarantee. The network is load-balanced with no single point of failure, powered by Juniper routers and switches.

IT Hosting Services

  • Colocation: 1U, 2U, 4U, 10U, 20U (1/2 rack), 42U and 48U (Full Cabinets) in our core data center based out of South Bend, IN. The "Colo 1U" plan features: Redundant Network (100% Uptime SLA), 500 GB Bandwidth at 100 Mbps port, 2 Amps of power (120 V), Remote Reboots and 2 IP Addresses.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Classic Linux or Windows based hardware-redundant physical Dedicated servers with enterprise storage drives.
  • Cloud Hosting - Cloud (VDS) Servers powered by OpenNebula Cloud IaaS and KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization technology.
  • Virtual Servers: OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers, Xen and Kernel-based Virtual Machines with SolusVM management interface.
  • Shared Hosting: L.A.M.P. based, cPanel/WHM based Shared Accounts. CloudLinux, Powerful AntiSpam and Antivirus solutions, Failover DNS, CDN capabilities and much more
  • IP & Internet Access: Quality global IP bandwidth (10 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps ports) and low cost cross-connects.

    Why choose Host Color?
    1. 100% Network uptime, SLA guarantee?
    2. Enterprise class servers & components
    3. World class data center
    4. Fast responsive & friendly 24/7 support
    5. Best IT Hosting standards
    6. Fairly priced hosting services
    7. 12 experience in hosting industry
    8. Customer friendly Service Level Agreement

    Get In Touch
    If you need custom hosting solution, call Host Color at 1-574-367-2393. We are also available on Skype: HostColor and ICQ: 295-989-860.

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    • P: (574) 367-2393

      746 S Arnold St
      South Bend, IN
      United States