Our website is filled with information about our awesome products. So we don’t want to write about that here. We want to tell about us!

Meebox ApS is a privatly held company. In short, Meebox consists of 33% innovation, 33% technical wonders, 33% love and 1% crazyness. We love meebox, we love what we do and we appreciate every customer!

Despite more than 150 positive reviews on Trustpilot, it is still a celebration every time someone speaks highly of us. That is what drives us forward, and the entire cause why we started Meebox!

We’ve build Meebox from the bottom up! We started without a single dollar. Nothing. Just us and our great idea. An idea we got because we were sick of hosting-companies who promised us awesome hosting, but delivered something similar to an old, rusty Lada. Something useless.

We are very proud of what we have build. All though we are proud, we are not yet satisfied. We always feel like something is missing or something can be improved. We see that as a good thing. That is how we develop ourselves. We never sit back and wait for the orders to tick in. We work 24/7, trying to improve our business. We do this because Meebox is our everything.

We want to thank you for stopping by Meebox. We and our great team are looking forward to servicing you, and provide you with a product filled with high quality and love.

- Anders & Patrick (*The pinky, the pinky and the brain brain brain brain braaaain…*).
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