Crucial Hosting

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Crucial Hosting is a high performance PHP and MySQL shared and dedicated hosting provider. Web hosting environments are deployed as virtualized containers, which provide a level of performance, security, scalability, and a quality of service that is not found with other hosting companies.

Faster & More Reliable

Enterprise-class hardware, SSD disks with RAID redundancy, and the fastest virtualization platform available make Crucial Hosting faster and more reliable than the competition. Learn more…

Scale As You Grow

With 8+ levels of scalability, you can start small and grow big. Easily go from shared to dedicated, or tier to tier with little to no downtime. Need to scale to a dedicated server? No problem. Learn more…

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated CPU, dedicated RAM, and dedicated storage. Choose the resources you need, share nothing, and control it all. Powered by Xen, the fastest virtualization technology available. Learn more…

Optimized Software

Complete with cPanel, CentOS 6, LiteSpeed Web Server, Percona MySQL, PHP (5.2 through 5.5), Ksplice, Git, SVN, Composer, Memcached, Varnish, Redis and much more. Learn more…

Your business is crucial, your host should be too. Make the switch today.

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    18521 E. Queen Creek Rd. Suite #175
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