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We are coming close to our second year of being in business! We started out from the bottom and worked our way with dedication, passion and persistence to provide you with the best quality hosting in the market.

Host NIT Inc is one of the superior internet business (E-Commerce & E-Business) Web hosting Solutions Company. We provide services from web hosting, domain registrations, Reseller Hosting, web hosting solutions, dedicated servers and VPS servers and we recently added a "white label" Dedicated Reseller Program which allows any web hosting provider to resell our dedicated servers at 30% off. We help newly founded, small scale, and mid-level companies and also corporations to establish their presence on the internet and leverage the power of electronic medium to help them endorse, grow, manage their online presence.

Today there about a million web hosting providers (by conservative estimates). Each one of them promises the sky in terms of uptime, reliability, and industry leadership. All those however, are easier said than done. Understanding the nuances of the complex world of webhosting together with applying the tool, dedication, staff, and support is our concept. We pride in the quality of our services to better assist our customers in succeeding in the web business and enhancing their chances of success. We focus on reliable service and support through developing and maintaining a successful online presence. Host NIT Inc is the best in term of customer satisfaction which set us apart when choosing from other providers.
The foundation of Host NIT comes from a knowledgeable individual who is familiar in the web hosting industry and have been around for over 10 plus years!. He apply his skills, knowledge and passion for computer into the concept of building the company. Through his hard work, dedication and investment Host NIT have become one of the Internet top Web hosting provider. In furthering our succession, we have developed a relationship with several key providers in the Web Hosting Field. To name a few: Dell, STI, R1soft, and cPanel(NEW). Host NIT Inc. strives to provide you with the best service for the "buck" and will continue to do so, PERIOD

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