DreamScape Networks FZ-LLC

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Dreamscape Networks is a Limited Liability Company engaged globally in multifaceted business activities specifically within the information technology sectors.

Dreamscape Networks endeavours to reinforce and expand its operating base through a unique approach. We strive to continuously improve both our customer service and the innovative online products we offer by drawing upon our integrated corporate strength, experience and global network.

Headquartered in the heart of Dubai Internet City, conveniently situated amongst some of the worlds most recognised information technology companies. We have offices and data centres strategically placed across Australia, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom as part of our ever-growing global expansion.

Dreamscape Networks forms the foundation for a variety of globally recognised and renowned online brands, which varies from licensed domain name registrars, cloud hosting services, digital branding and online marketing.

Over the years we have worked closely with our senior management teams and brands to deliver the latest innovations to our customers. We are continually working and expanding on all our projects to unlock the full potential of the web within new technologies.

Dreamscape Networks, through these specialised brands supplies a large variety of key products and services to millions of individuals and businesses worldwide including but not limited to; global domain names, hosting services; web and ecommerce design, search engine marketing, email marketing and a variety of online tools to further expand business needs.

Through our targeted brands we encompass all requirements for anyone needing to establish, maintain and grow an online presence from individuals, small to medium businesses to corporate and fortune 500 listed companies.

Dreamscape Networks prides itself on providing simple, innovative and affordable online products and services that change lives.

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  • P: +971 4 457 2417

    Suite 211, Building 11
    Dubai Internet City, Dubai