VeeroTech Systems, LLC

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VeeroTech Systems, LLC - founded in early 2010 & provides shared, reseller & virtual server web hosting solutions. We bring a wealth of knowledge from various fields of the IT industry to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. Our team has a combined 20+ years of experience in the web hosting & corporate IT industry.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solution in terms of price, quality of service, reliability & scalability. We have comprised multiple solutions to fit almost every aspect of both businesses & individuals requiring web hosting solutions. Listed below are some of the top quality datacenters in the industry that we use to house our servers for shared, reseller, VPS & dedicated solutions. We also utilize various other locations for backups of backups, DNS clusters as well as other tasks. The locations/providers below are primary locations for VeeroTech services.

We deploy Supermicro servers with RAID 10 as a standard for RAID arrays for increased redundancy in the event of a failure. We utilize servers with various datacenters as well as fully owned servers, networking equipment & storage systems in multiple locations.

We use both a traditional mix of standard RAID 10 hardware raid arrays, software RAID as well as fault tolerant, distributed storage methods. The majority of our infrastructure is virtualized using the industry leading KVM Virtualization technologies. All production hosting servers utilize genuine server grade hardware from industry leading vendors such as Supermicro, Intel, HP, LSI Technologies & Western Digital.

We also house daily, Idera R1Soft backups for all shared, reseller & managed VPS customers in multiple locations. These backups serve as both a file level recovery point that our customers have access to as well as for DR (disaster recovery) purposes.
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