NEOSERV is one of the oldest and leading Shared and Reseller web hosting providers in Slovenia known for its guaranteed lowest domain prices and blazingly fast SSD cPanel hosting.

After 15 years in business (from 2003) NEOSERV currently:

  • has more than 1,300+ five-star customer reviews,
  • more than 11,000 active customers,
  • almost 30,000 active e-mail customers,
  • an average response time (and time to resolution) under 18 minutes.

Our customers are most often impressed with incredibly fast customer support, optimized-for-speed SSD servers, our professional and yet friendly service, and low prices. We believe we are a perfect partner for any individual or company in need of a reliable cPanel web hosting solution.

More Than 700+ Domains at Lowest Prices

Even at its humble beginnings in 2003 NEOSERV has always strived to offer domain registration at the lowest prices possible. In 2017 we've made another significant step in this direction and we now offer guarantee that our prices are really the lowest. Should you find a lower price anywhere in Slovenia for the registration of any of the 700+ domain extensions we offer, we will be more than happy to match it.

We offer a wide array of generic domains (COM, NET, ORG, etc.), national domains (SI, HR, EU, IT, AT, DE, TV, etc.) and theme domains (BLOG, ACADEMY, NINJA, EMAIL, GURU, etc.).

8 Reasons Why You Should Register Your Domains with NEOSERV:

  • A wide array (700+) of different domains.
  • Free WHOIS protection (protect your identity).
  • Free DNS hosting with DDoS protection.
  • A powerful & simple domain search tool.
  • Instant domain registration.
  • Every domain comes with a FREE e-mail address.
  • A beautiful interface - My NEOSERV - to manage your domains.
  • Besides bank transfer and PayPal we also accept PaysafeCard and 15+ crypto currencies.

Check out our amazing domain search tool and register your domain at the lowest price possible!

Lightning Fast SSD Hosting (With HTTP/2 Support)

At NEOSERV we work hard to maintain the highest quality of service at all times because customer happiness always comes first. We offer reliable and fast SSD web hosting using only the latest technology and also supporting the new, faster HTTP/2 protocol. Every customer is able to choose between different PHP versions, ranging from PHP 4.x to PHP 7.x, using their cPanel interface. Free SSL certificates are also available with every web hosting package.

10 Reasons Why Choose NEOSERV Web Hosting:

  • Latest DELL enterprise servers with 100% pure SSD RAID-10 arrays (2-5x faster).
  • Available PHP versions from PHP 4.x to PHP 7.x.
  • The best web hosting control panel in the world: cPanel.
  • Advanced anti-virus & anti-spam protection for all customers.
  • Free SSL certificates Lets Encrypt.
  • Free data transfer from your old web hosting provider to NEOSERV.
  • Affiliate & Promotional programs - earn 25 % from every web hosting order.
  • Friendly and professional 24h customer support; 365 days a year!
  • An average response and support resolution time of 18 minutes.
  • 90 days of Money-Back-Guarantee.

Still not sure that we would be a good fit? Take advantage of our 30 day free trial that comes with every web hosting order! You will be able to use your web hosting package free of charge for the full 30 days.

Reseller Web Hosting with Unlimited cPanel Accounts

NEOSERV also offers SSD reseller web hosting geared towards online / web agencies, website developers and other online professionals that would like to offer web hosting to their clients. All Reseller web hosting packages are powered by latest DELL PowerEdge Enterprise servers and feature pure 100% SSD RAID-10 arrays, powerful dual Intel XEON processors and 96+ GB RAM. Along with cPanel/WHM control panel this ensures an enjoyable user experience, fast performance and ease of use.

11 Reasons Why NEOSERV Should Be Your Reseller Web Hosting Provider:

  • Rocket fast SSD web hosting with HTTP/2 support, free SSL certificates and performance-optimized server configuration.
  • Choose between different PHP versions from PHP 4.x to the latest PHP 7.x.
  • Complete control over cPanel web hosting packages using your cPanel/WHM dashboard.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, cPanel accounts and e-mail accounts.
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.
  • Advanced NEOSERV anti-virus & anti-spam protection for all your accounts.
  • Free gift - 60 EUR Google Ads coupons.
  • Starting at only 3,33 EUR / month.
  • Professional & friendly customer support available 24 hours a day.
  • 30 day free trial for all Reseller hosting accounts.
  • 90 day Money Back Guarantee.

Are you a designer, design agency, web agency, online marketing agency, web developer or webmaster? Would you like to offer your customers blazing fast SSD web hosting and reliable e-mail? Choose NEOSERV Reseller web hosting: powered by Dell Enterprise servers and featuring 100% SSD RAID-10 storage. Impress your clients and increase your revenue stream today!

Trusted Comodo SSL Certificates at Low Prices

At NEOSERV we like to offer a complete service package - that is why we also help you secure your website and your visitors and/or customers. That is why we also offer trusted SSL certificates from the largest and most trusted SSL authority - Comodo. Domain validated (DV), organization / business validated (OV) and extended (EV) SSL certificates are available at amazing prices.

6 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a SSL Certificate:

  • All your data and website visitor data is transferred through a SSL encrypted, secure connection.
  • Websites using SSL certificates load much faster thanks to HTTP/2 protocol.
  • Website authority and trustworthiness are increased.
  • Secure online shops increase the ROI because customers trust them more.
  • SSL secured websites are better ranked by Google in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • Online browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) will show a green lock and the label Secure for websites using a SSL certificate.

It's already publicly and widely recommended that most websites start using a SSL certificate as soon as posibble. Online browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) will soon start displaying warning labels Not secure when visiting a website over an unsecured (plain HTTP) connection. That could negatively impact the trust of your users (visitors, buyers, customers) and increase your bounce rate which could in turn lower your search engine ranking position and hurt your ROI.

When you order a SSL certificate for a website hosted with NEOSERV we install the SSL certificate on your website completely free of charge!

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