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Brief presentation and history

EFECT is a leading local provider of IT service management (ITSM) as well as a datacenter and hosting services provider. The company was founded in 2002 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and initially specialized in IT service management for local small and medium businesses, as well as IT maintenance for local public schools.

From 2008 onwards EFECT started to diversify significantly its services portfolio to include IT consultancy, integrated solutions pertaining to data management & security, back-up (BaaS) and frictionless disaster recovery (DRaaS), while at the same increasing its customer base. The next couple of years EFECT sought to answer the growing need in the local and regional market for reliable and efficient storage back-up data by investing in data storage capacity and knowhow. The company's drive to offer customers and partners superior SLAs for colocation, virtualization and server administration set in motion the decision to invest in building and operating its own datacenter. In 2012 EFECT became the recipient of non-repayable funds of close to one million RON from European Regional Development Fund for the purpose of acquiring and installing a state-of-art datacenter infrastructure. EFECT's end-goal was to position itself as company cable of offering a consolidated set of IT services backed up by a fully owned data center infrastructure. Since then, EFECT started offering a steadily growing catalogue of hosting services: shared, VPS, dedicated, server colocation and cloud services.


EFECT offers four main types of services that complement each other: Externalization & IT service management, Hosting Services, Integrated IT solutions and Datacenter services.

Our IT service management cover a wide range: IT consultancy, digital security and unified threat management solutions, IP security camera systems, POS systems installation and maintenance, IoT systems, wireless systems, VoIP, Helpdesk servers; in short, EFECT delivers a comprehensive, externalized, full-coverage IT maintenance to its customers.

Our Hosting and Datacenter services cover: server colocation & administration, virtualization, disaster recovery and backup as a service, managed email hosting, managed web hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated servers, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Storage as a service, Security as a service, Desktop as a service.
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